He starts

He starts The boy does not become a man on spirit only because he was born with a male body.

He starts feeling like the man and to behave, as the man, thanks to ability to imitate and follow an example of those men and the senior boys to whom he feels a friendly arrangement.

He cannot follow an example of the person who is not pleasant to it.

If the father is always impatient and irritable in relation to the child, the boy will feel awkward not only in his society, but also among other men and boys.

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Study was given

Study was given To Denny, the boy of the same age, as Jimmy, teachers and pupils treated kindly.

Study was given it well and he got on with other children.

However for quite some time now Denny started in increasing frequency soiling panties.

It is natural that from it sympathized himself humiliated and confused, but could do nothing with itself.

In a case with Denny we see how the child unconsciously expresses the anger.

He did not realize the anger and did not notice that occurs until it appeared that business is already made.

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If the child

If the child Therefore advice is given below how to give urgent help.

But it does not mean that mother has to treat the child for a diarrhea if she has an opportunity to consult to the doctor itself.

If the child is only on breastfeeding, let him continue to eat breast milk.

The less it exhausts milk, the better for it.

If you already lure the child, exclude firm food until you consult to the doctor or will not pass a diarrhea yet.

Breast milk well helps at many types of a diarrhea.

If the child is on artificial feeding, before consultation with the doctor dilute his milk half with water see section .

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And for this

And for this Three lumps turned out!

Pictures are replaced with circles of different size.

Now very strong connect these lumps.

And for this purpose it is necessary to collect all pictures in couples so that words in couples approached each other: fox a dog; an owl forty; glass a pan; the bus the plane; table a chair; plum an apricot.

The child makes couples, pronouncing each word and calling each couple the corresponding generalizing term.

Let's check, whether lumps are strong connected among themselves?

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But life

But life If you listen to desires and needs of your child and conduct really Christian life, the child, most likely, itself will follow your example.

Recently I had to talk to eighteenyearold Terry which parents became Christians three years ago.

And here that I heard: At me and in thoughts was not that it can badly turn back, doctor Campbell, she told.

I always liked to go to church and Sunday school therefore it did not make any basic changes to my life.

But life of all family changed fundamentally.

We did not watch TV any more, did not go to the cinema, did not listen to rock music.

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